The town is 76 km from Natal, and 15 km from Santa Maria. It is located at the entrance of the Sertão, in the wild Agreste mesoregion in RN, and fringes  BR 304 Highway, giving access to Mossoró and Fortaleza and has a population of 6,824, of which 3,438 are men and 3,386 women. We started working there in May 1996 and haven`t been able to consolidate the work so far.

The work hasn`t had the needed care and up until today it doesn`t have the prominent and constant presence of a missionary there so it can receive all the necessary care.

Besides, we still need to conclude the building of the temple or House of Prayer.

The town is a challenge for being crossed by a highway, which facilitates adult and child prostitution and homosexuality proliferation, whose rate is very high.

We take the opportunity to ask you to associate with us in prayer in two aspects:

  • So the Lord may supply us for the temple`s conclusion, floor, bathroom building and outside walls, two windows and a door.
  • So the Lord calls up a missionary couple willing to work as part of a team and to live in this town in order to dedicate themselves for the consolidation of the work and so we can have a church that may be a transforming agent in town.


This city is located 280 km  (174 miles) away from Natal, in the mesoregion West RN and microregion Açu Valley (Sertão). It has a population of 17,501 inhabitants. Its the 29th biggest population in Rio Grande do Norte.David de Souza, in the Freitas Neighborhood, where there wasn`t still any Christian church. Until early 2010 there wasn`t any Christian church in this neighborhood. As this brother departed from us and went to the Lord`s presence, we didn`t have a contact there, and even more, a good witness, there, as he was.

 All that along with the fact that our missionary in Tenente Laurento needed to move away right in its beginning caused a certain interruption. However, it`s a great challenge to preserve it there for the need of the city, as well as because now we have a property that depends only upon a small remodeling and adaptation for a House of Prayer.

 Thus we have two prayer requests and so we`d like to count on your support:

  • A missionary couple for this location who has the disposition and wishes to be part of a missionary team;
  • Resources for remodeling and building this House of Prayer



The town of Barro is located in the mesoregion South- Ceará and in the microregion of Barro. It has a population of 21,556 inhabitants, 10,562 being men and 10,994 women. It`s crossed by the BR 116 Highway. It`s 452 km (281 miles) away from Fortaleza and 530 km (329 miles) away from  Natal, RN, from  where it receives its missionary assistance.

Our work in this town started on May 17, 2008, when missionaries Joneri Lima and Celso L. Castro visited for the first time Cícero da Silva (“Cícero Brabo”)  and family, the same occasion when Sandra, Joana, João, Francisca and Rosalina confessed Christ as their personal Savior.

Since then this work has been receiving spiritual assistance  by brethren: Lieselotte Hundt and Joneri G. Lima.

The first contact happened through brother José Carlos dos Santos, from Piracicaba, São Paulo stat, who started evangelistic contact with Cícero Brabo`s daughters Sandra and Maria José on a sugar cane plantation  farm near Piracicaba.

As Sandra returned to Barro, we were challenged to visit her family and since then, once a month this place has been visited by brethren who are part of the SEARA team to give continuation to this challenge.

Today there are more than 20 converts and 12 of them have already been baptized. We still haven`t got a temple there. And this is still a challenge. So we count on your prayer support for:

  • Building a House of Prayer;
  • New converts` growth and new convertions;
  • Brother Celso Castro, Joneri Lima`s and sister Liese Hundt`s monthly trips


Riacho das Almas (“Stream of Souls”) is a small town in the Agreste region of the Pernambuco state. On the Barriguda Farm, 10 km away from town, between Gurgel and Trapiá village live brother Severino and sister Marli. They’ve moved from Senador Camará neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro city, where they used to gather with the brethren at the Igreja Cristã Evangélica – Evangelical Christian Church – where they’ve also come to Christ, confessing Him as their Savior. Brother Severino was born in Trapiá, Riacho das Amas, whereas sister Marli was born in Paraíba do Sul, Rio de Janeiro.

These brethren wished to start a witness for the Gospel there and asked for help from Rio de Janeiro. The leaders at the curch mentioned above - Neudes Furtado and Nivaldo Narciso have visited these brethren and agreed with the possibility of establishing a witness there. However, because the church in Rio de Janeiro is so far and we from SEARA are involved in a church planting project in the Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará sertão, and considering were’re much closer to Riacho das Almas (380 km), those leaders decided to let us be in charge of planting an Evangelical Church in the referred area. Thus, in late April and early May 2012 Celso Luiz Castro and Luciano B. Camargo were able to make their first missionary trip there. And they have been visiting this site ever since to preach the Gospel wishing the Lord will save souls in this Stream. Next to Severino and Marli’s house there’s a room where we can have our meetings. So we’d like to count on your prayers for this new missionary challenge, especially for the trip supplies.



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