PROMINE – Projeto Missionário do Nordeste

PROMINE – (Northeast Missionary Project)

The Promine – Projeto Missionário do Nordeste (Northeast Missionary Project) is a SEARA ministry in its missionary action in Christian church planting, reaching cities, towns and villages throughout all the Northeast states, starting where it`s already established, seeking thus to fulfill the Great Commission.

Through PROMINE we look forward to giving the participants the opportunity to invest their vacation time in a missionary project for church planting, giving their part in contributing for the Gospel expansion as well as getting to know the missionary field and still to know God`s will for their future.



  1. A.  General

PROMINE targets to give its  participants a general vision of the missionary work and opportunity to experience the missionary field as regards a church planting process and observe the needs of such work, and stiil, to be an instrument in the life of every  team member`s life as regards the Lord`s calling  for His work. Besides, we have specific goals that involve the team member or “prominist”.


  1. B.  Specific.

1. To know the reality of the Gospel in the defined area of religious research;

2. To practice personal evangelism from house to house, exposing the plan of salvation to the respondents; 3. To disciple those who confess Christ as their personal Savior and Lord;

4. To listen to the voice of God and reflect on the grace of His work;

5. To discover the will of God for your life -  just be an active member in the local church and be in the rear of those on the front line, or serve the Lord full time?!

 6. To share with your friends and local church, after the project, about: personal experiences obtained in the project, as well as the needs of the mission field.



The PROMINE is performed by a team of volunteers who come together to preach from house to house for two weeks, subdivided in teams of two people. Moreover, evangelistic  films are projected and we have open air evangelism preferably at night. The project also brings Social Action as regards health and education.

Each team member participates with a voluntary fee to help with the costs of the implementation of Promine, plus the costs of transportation from his/her house and back to the venue of the missionary project.

From the second day of evangelism from house to house on, they can  use the Bible study in John, as a form of evangelism or early discipleship .




1. Be a Christian, biblical church member for at least one year and be in communion with his/ her church;

 2. Having a minimum age of 18 years;

 3. Having a letter of introduction / recommendation from the church where he/  she is  a member, signed by the leadership;

4. Complete the registration form and send it along with the SEARA letter of recommendation to PROMINE;

 5. Be willing to work in teams, and face many hardship works (Ephesians 6: 10-18);

 6. Participating in the membership fee in the amount of 60% of the current Brazilian Minimum Wage, to assist in project costs.



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