Formação Permanente de Líderes – FORPEL (Leader Permanent Training)

SEARA in its commitment to fulfill the Great Commission, leading people to Christ and aiming to plant churches, has been concerned about the equipment of the saved for their spiritual growth and so that these new converts  continue the outreach educative process. Thinking this way we have established to start the McNair Bible Institute in the near future, with a three-year duration course as soon as the facilities of the Missionary Headquarters are ready to be used.

The McNair Bible Institute in addition to equipping the saints, will prepare those directed by God to serve Him full time in the Sertão.

With this expectation and waiting for its time to arrive, in the  face of necessity, former member of the SEARA brother Luis Vicente Fávero Caesar initiated the FORPEL - Ongoing Formation of Leaders, and thus the embryo of the future Biblical Institute for preparation of future sertanejo missionaries.



FORPEL has a biblical/ doctrinarian curriculum that`s followed in its monthly gathering.

These gatherings take place on a Saturday. The date is set in advance and the participants, members of the congregations, spend all day studying Bible subjects and then going back to their own local churches after each gathering.

We`d like to count on your prayers!


If you have doctrine books, commentaries, Bible dictionaries and you`re not using them, we`re receiving donations! Donations can be made to the addresses mentioned in this site.

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