Founded on February 10, 1995, SEARA has the following goals:


  1. To establish Evangelical Christian Churches through education, personal evangelism (children, teenagers and adults), evangelistic campaigns, open air evangelism, individual / group Bible studies, correspondence courses through the McNair School, radio and television;


  1. To promote social, educational and religious assistance focused on life restoration and life quality enhancement through:

a) Day care centers, pre-school, child education, fundamental school teaching and tutoring;

b) Professionalizing courses, crafts courses and equipping courses;

c) McNair Bible School – (for evangelism and spiritual edification) and McNair Bible Institute – for the formation of missionaries for the Sertão field;

d) Centers for support of children and teenagers in risk situation, and a restoration center for drug addicts and care centers for elderly people;

e) Promoting the physical, spiritual and psychological health.


  1. To found and/or manage a property for Bible Camp, to promote the physical, spiritual and social health of children, teenagers and adults;


  1. To establish and/ or manage low- wave radio stations and communitarian television, for social, educational, cultural and religious as well as life quality enhancement of its community.


  1. To legally support every project for church planting and to secure all patrimony belonging to churches in Rio Grande do Norte as well as other Northeast states where it operates (preventing any patrimony from being in a missionary`s name).


  1. To promote missions  by  means of workshops, seminaries, related gatherings and the distribution of offers for the missionaries related to it, coming from churches and/ or people sent to the SEARA for this reason specifically as well as other missionaries in the Northeast area who share the same faith, according to the SEARA`s decision. To capacitate and send missionaries through the local churches.


  1. Literary promotion through workshops, seminaries, bookstores, book stands, vehicles adapted for this purpose, as well as literature publication and edition through the SEARA Editions.


  1. To promote the spiritual “covering” ( missionaries being pastored) for the missionaries in the area where it operates, especially those of its team.
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